Narhex testimonial

From Lana in NSW – August 2008

I used your products for eight years (then endorsed by Ita Buttrose, who looked a million dollars) and my skin looked fantastic at 43.  People thought I was 28.  Then your products disappeared from the shelves and alas, so did the condition of my skin.

I was so excited when I came across your website – searching in desperation for a miracle product.  I have passed this good news onto my best friend that Narhex is available again, and her reaction was the same as mine – I can’t wait to get it.

Narhex testimonial

From Elizaeth in Queensland – January 2007

I am writing to congratulate you on your wonderful new product Nuvoderm.

I am a 58 year old and have been using Narhex products since their inception.

I recently added Nuvoderm to my bedtime routine.  I am on a weight loss diet.  I have lost two dress sizes and have another ten kils to lose.

I was concerned my skin would sag and wrinkle as I shed the weight.  Not so!  With the help of Nuvoderm, in only a few short weeks, my skin is supple, smooth and youthful looking.

I cannot tell you how delighted I am!

I have a skin care routine which consists of:

Morning: Narhex Type 2 moisturiser and Facial lift around eyes and mouth.
Evening: Nuvoderm
Bedtime: Narhex Facial Treatment 1% and Narhex Eye Cream around eyes and mouth

Please keep me informed of any new products you create.  I am a Narhex devotee.

Narhex testimonial

From Michele in Queensland – July 2007

What can I say?  I buy it because it works.  If I don’t use it for a couple of weeks, I seem to get more lines around my eyes.

The 3% eye cream is my favourite product and I use it around my mouth as well.

Something is working, because I usually get a good response when asked my age.  When I tell them I’m 53, I most often get a very positive feedback and in some cases an argument!

Narhex testimonial

From Julie

After seeing your NarElastin eye cream on a TV show, probably 15 years ago, I have used it.

I am now 56 years old and have been told many times how good my skin is, especially around the eyes.  I truly believe that your eye cream has prevented the appearance of lines and puffiness.

I am a true believer in your product and when you stopped supplying pharmacies, I had a bit of a panic attach, until I managed to track you down and have been buying thru the mail ever since.

Thanks again.

Narhex testimonial

From Lyn of Wetherill Park, NSW – October 2003

So very glad to see you selling Narhex again.  I have missed using your products so much.  I have really seen the difference in my skin from using other products.  I hope you will continue selling your products for years to come.  Thanks for making my day when I opened your letter.

Narhex testimonial

From Lee in Western Australia – October 2003

Hooray!  For many months I have been to different pharmacies to buy Narhex – to no avail.  Approximately 2 weeks ago I found Narhex’s phone number and intended ringing.  Today your letter was in my mail box.  I was elated to find I could still buy Narhex products.

Please let my order be one of the first 200 so I can get a duggly Shar-Pei dog.  I’ve used Narhex products for many years and the results are definately there.

Narhex testimonial

From Patricia in Melbourne, Australia

I was sitting down watching television when my daughter handed me the mail.  I shop up running around the house with my husband behind me asking if we had won the lottery.  I said no, something better than the lottery.  I have tried so many creams but couldn’t even get close.  I have tried all the good brands, but with my allergy I couldn’t find one that is right for me and I can really see the difference since I stopped using Narhex.  I can see lines on top of my lips and nose which weren’t there before.

Thank goodness it’s back – here’s to looking young again.  I hope that its production will not stop again.

Thank you.

Narhex testimonial

From Paula

As a long time user of Narhex face cream, I got fed up sending for it in the mail.  I thought that I could live without it and that I’m going to be able to replace it very quickly as there are so many products on the market.  Four months later I have seen a bit difference in my skin’s texture.  I have lost elasticity and that beautiful soft shiny glow I had before.  I even have crows feet now, which I never had as a user of Narhex.  I’m 62 and people always compliment me on how healthy and young looking my skin looks.  I attribute most of it to Narhex products.

Please hurry up and send me this wonderful face cream.  I can’t wait to feel this lovely soft creamy texture on my skin.  Even though I’m allergic to most products, this is not the case with Narhex creasm.  I’ll never try to substitute this lovely product again as there’s nothing that compares to it.

Narhex testimonial

From Phillipa in Indooropilly, Queensland – November 2003

I’m so glad to be able to buy this product again.  I have missed my cream very much.  There is not a product on the market that matches Narhex.  Using Narhex gave me a lot of confidence because I knew it was working.

I am now 49 years old (nearly 50) and am starting to look my age.  I know Narhex will buy me a few years and look younger again.  I have been a Narhex user since it came on the market and am glad to see it return.

Narhex testimonial

From Rita in Moree NSW – May 2007

I have been using your products – particularly the moisturiser Type 2 8% AHA and eye cream 3% NarElastin since I received my first order after reading the original advertisement in the Sunday Telegraph, very many years ago (it must be 20 or 30 years, I’m sure!).

I have found them extremely suitable to my skin type and have been asked many times what I use (sometimes by people selling alternative brands) complimenting me on the good condition of my skin.  My daughters used to buy them from certain pharmacies in Sydney until recent years when I have been buying direct from you.  I am appproaching 80 years of age in July this year and I am still extremely happy with your products and look forward to replenishing my supplies (I was given a couple of jars of alternative brands for Christmas but none keep my face smooth and soft as your products do).