Narhex testimonial

From Lana in NSW – August 2008

I used your products for eight years (then endorsed by Ita Buttrose, who looked a million dollars) and my skin looked fantastic at 43.  People thought I was 28.  Then your products disappeared from the shelves and alas, so did the condition of my skin.

I was so excited when I came across your website – searching in desperation for a miracle product.  I have passed this good news onto my best friend that Narhex is available again, and her reaction was the same as mine – I can’t wait to get it.


Narhex testimonial

From Elizaeth in Queensland – January 2007

I am writing to congratulate you on your wonderful new product Nuvoderm.

I am a 58 year old and have been using Narhex products since their inception.

I recently added Nuvoderm to my bedtime routine.  I am on a weight loss diet.  I have lost two dress sizes and have another ten kils to lose.

I was concerned my skin would sag and wrinkle as I shed the weight.  Not so!  With the help of Nuvoderm, in only a few short weeks, my skin is supple, smooth and youthful looking.

I cannot tell you how delighted I am!

I have a skin care routine which consists of:

Morning: Narhex Type 2 moisturiser and Facial lift around eyes and mouth.
Evening: Nuvoderm
Bedtime: Narhex Facial Treatment 1% and Narhex Eye Cream around eyes and mouth

Please keep me informed of any new products you create.  I am a Narhex devotee.

Narhex testimonial

From Michele in Queensland – July 2007

What can I say?  I buy it because it works.  If I don’t use it for a couple of weeks, I seem to get more lines around my eyes.

The 3% eye cream is my favourite product and I use it around my mouth as well.

Something is working, because I usually get a good response when asked my age.  When I tell them I’m 53, I most often get a very positive feedback and in some cases an argument!

Narhex testimonial

From Julie

After seeing your NarElastin eye cream on a TV show, probably 15 years ago, I have used it.

I am now 56 years old and have been told many times how good my skin is, especially around the eyes.  I truly believe that your eye cream has prevented the appearance of lines and puffiness.

I am a true believer in your product and when you stopped supplying pharmacies, I had a bit of a panic attach, until I managed to track you down and have been buying thru the mail ever since.

Thanks again.

Narhex testimonial

From Lyn of Wetherill Park, NSW – October 2003

So very glad to see you selling Narhex again.  I have missed using your products so much.  I have really seen the difference in my skin from using other products.  I hope you will continue selling your products for years to come.  Thanks for making my day when I opened your letter.

Narhex testimonial

From Lee in Western Australia – October 2003

Hooray!  For many months I have been to different pharmacies to buy Narhex – to no avail.  Approximately 2 weeks ago I found Narhex’s phone number and intended ringing.  Today your letter was in my mail box.  I was elated to find I could still buy Narhex products.

Please let my order be one of the first 200 so I can get a duggly Shar-Pei dog.  I’ve used Narhex products for many years and the results are definately there.

Narhex testimonial

From Patricia in Melbourne, Australia

I was sitting down watching television when my daughter handed me the mail.  I shop up running around the house with my husband behind me asking if we had won the lottery.  I said no, something better than the lottery.  I have tried so many creams but couldn’t even get close.  I have tried all the good brands, but with my allergy I couldn’t find one that is right for me and I can really see the difference since I stopped using Narhex.  I can see lines on top of my lips and nose which weren’t there before.

Thank goodness it’s back – here’s to looking young again.  I hope that its production will not stop again.

Thank you.